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Re: Open Document Environment (ODE)

some quick points:
1) we need a separate list! i'm one of the many getting many copies and
it's not fun
2) our project is location agnostic, format agnostic (except for the
metadata which is in XML), and project agnostic.
that is if you wanted all the documents or none of the documents on your
computer or on a single or multiple servers, we don't care as we're more
of a card catalogue of a sort.
metadata can be used to describe docbook, html, video, audio or plain text
(again like the old card catalogue) so while the format should be noted in
the metadata that's all. we want the metadata to be in XML for all the
obvious reasons and we built the template, description on Dublin Core for
maximum interoperability with other projects
i believe that even though we began by looking that the LDP when
constructing the metadata description that the description will work with
other projects. we have already been in conversation with OWSG to that
Also there is no reason why a metadata project would preempt any full text
project such as the LKB or even ODE in fact recognizing that all
documentation might not make it into LKB or even ODE we hope that the
metadata will be the pathfinder to all kinds of documentation that makes
one other point. we do plan to host at least one way of searching and
retrieval based on the metadata, but we see the metadata as being open and
shared so that alternative schemes are welcome and encouraged.

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