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Re: Linux Documentation E-Commerce Store Proposal From Talinda Incorporated

I sent this proposal out almost a month ago and have received no response.

Does anyone see a benefit to having hardcopies orderable/available of  LDP
documents?  What documents make sense to create hardcopy manuals of?

Please see the proposal below.

Spencer wrote:

>  Linux Users,
>                  I would like to discuss with you the idea of creating
> an
>  E-Commerce store for selling hardcopies of the documentation listed in
>  the Linux Documentation Project web site.  We are a Publishing and
>  E-Commerce company that creates end to end E-Commerce solutions for
>  software companies.  We are currently focusing on the rapidly growing
>  Linux Community.  We launched our latest E-Commerce store for Corel
>  Corporation last month.  We have manufacturing capabilities in both the
>  United States and  Europe to support the two largest segments of the
>  Linux Community.
>                  My vision of the Linux Documentation Project E-Commerce
>  store is to provide hardcopies of  the downloadable documents to the
>  Linux Community at a reasonable price while paying the authors of the
>  respected documents a royalty per unit shipped for their contributions.
>  From our experience we recognize that there is still great demand for
>  printed manuals in the software industry in general.  This would give
> us
>  the opportunity to support the Linux Communities effort to gain
>  popularity and recognition.
>                  Because we are a printing company with E-Commerce and
>  fulfillment capabilities in-house, we are capable of creating a
>  comprehensive solution.  We would like input on the scope of Linux
>  Communities needs regarding this project.  Please let us know with whom
>  we should speak to create a solution that best serves the communities
>  needs.
>  Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.
>  Regards,
>  Spencer Smith                                        Tom Haley
> Executive Account Manager                    Vice President of Sales
> (650)207-2431

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