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Re: Russian LDP variant

Greg Ferguson wrote:
> The translation efforts that exist concentrate primarily on
> the HOWTO's. However, there are a couple groups that have
> done translations of the various Guides (Italian, Spanish).

The Linux Installation and Getting Started Guide was already
translated to Russian, AFAIK.  Here is the table of translated
guides that are in ftp://metalab.unc.edu/pub/Linux/docs/LDP/.

title                       de en es fr it ja pl pt ru sl
--------------------------  -----------------------------
Install Guide                  EN es                ru sl
Kernel Hackers Guide           EN                        
Linux Kernel                   EN                        
Linux Schulung              DE                           
Man pages                   de EN es    it ja pl         
Module Programming Guide       EN                        
Network Guide                  EN es                     
Programmers Guide              EN es                     
System Administration Guide    EN    fr it       pt      
Users Guide                    EN es    it               


  de ... German
  en ... English
  es ... Spanish
  fr ... French
  it ... Italian
  ja ... Japanese
  pl ... Polish
  pt ... Portuguese
  ru ... Russian
  sl ... Slovenian

  Uppercase letters mean that this is the documents original

It is quite possible that other translation exist, but they are
not present on "official" LDP server - I think that there is
ongoing project of translating man pages to Czech language, etc.

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