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Re: Critique of draft GNU Free Documentation License v1.0

    > Here is what it now says in our "Boilerplate License":
    >     Except for translations, send a copy to the previous
    >     maintainer's url as shown in the latest version.
    > This is not much of a burden.  If the email is wrong, you've still
    > complied with the requirement.  If there is no url for the maintainer
    > (unlikely) you have nothing to do.  

If you are looking at this question only in terms of the amount
of work involved, then I see why you think this is reasonable.
It is not a large amount of work.  But it is wrong to put
one developer of one version in a special position this way.

For the sake of enabling cooperation between the LDP and the GNU
project, I ask the LDP to remove this from the license recommendation.

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