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Re: Updating the OpenContent license

I agree that different kinds of licenses are appropriate for different
kinds of works.  I am writing the GNU Free Documentation License for
documentation--that is, for manuals.  It is also a good license for
any sort of textbook.  For some kinds of works, such as fiction,
permitting just verbatim copying is good enough in my opinion.  For
other works, permitting unlimited citation with attribution is good

However, it is very important that the license used for documentation
and textbooks *not* contain an option which would make it too
restrictive for documentation and textbooks.  Such an option would
encourage people *writing documentation and textbooks* to use the
option and make them non-free.

Instead of offering the authors of other works an extra complicating
option in a license meant for documentation, it is better if those
authors use simpler alternative licenses.

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