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Alessandro Rubini wrote:
> > Not quite.  I hear from people who are using what they consider to be
> > "stable" Gnu/Linux systems, namely running RedHat 6.0 and/or RedHat
> > 6.1.  RedHat's kernel now ships with RAID patches and RAIDtools-0.90.
> Ok. If that's the case (I didn't know it), then the following proposal
> looks sensible to me:
> > What I really meant was that we should move the HOWTO's that aren't
> > being maintained, and focus on older software to an "unmaintained"
> > section or something, so that they are still available, but when
> > people look at them they realize that it's not necessarily current.
> Thanks for clarifying things
> /alessandro

This is very diffucult to do as not all distrubutions are doing the same
thing and are running the same RAID or NFS patches in their kernel.  So
which distribution should the HOWTOs follow?  The answer is obviously
that we shouldn't shape things after one dist in particular period.  So
I see it as little and expected effort for the person begining to do
their homework as best they can to find out what they have before then
read and assume that the HOWTO applies to them perfectly.

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