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Re: Scope of ldp-discuss mailing list

On Sun, 23 Jan 2000, Rahul Joshi wrote:

>    The ldp-discuss mailing list has seen more technical questions in these 2 
> days than those relating to LDP. I think that some subscribers are not aware 
> of why they are on the list. Can someone from the senior members on the list 
> post a message describing the scope of the ldp-discuss list or some links 
> about the same ? Also I would request those on the ldp-discuss list not to 
> answer technical queries posted to ldp-discuss.

Suggestion: Appoint a moderator who will respond to such messages off-list
and have everyone else ignore it. I suspect there are also messages from
non-subscribers. For the response one can make a standard text which will

 - explain the purpose of the list
 - point to the documents
 - point to Local User Groups. (Among the URL's to find one in your area
is http://lugww.nllgg.nl/)


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