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Re: Processing HOWTOs

On Wed, Jan 26, 2000 at 10:21:54AM +0100, Stein Gjoen wrote:
> Sadly true. So when is the core team going to post a request
> for new authors or maintainers on news:comp.os.linux.announce ?
> It wouldn't cost to try.

If everybody agrees, I will post that next week.

Do you have a preference on what text should be posted?

> about 50 a day to 300-500 a day. What has the core team done in
> this respect? This is hardly the firt time I ask/suggest but I

Nothing, please give a suggestion and we will do it.
My telepathic abilities are not very stong :-)

> have yet to see an answer. Some actual hit stats from the LDP
> site would tell us how we are doing.

Good idea, Greg, could you do that ?

> that sunk mostly without a trace. Yet when I check the place
>    http://freshmeat.net/search.php3?query=HOWTO
> I find 17 HOWTOs have quietly been registered, and tracking
> numbers and dating is done, an example:
>    http://freshmeat.net/appindex/1999/06/26/930410556.html
> Looking closer I notice it is possible for users to make
> comments directly to those web pages. It does look like
> Freshmeat ALREADY has done what we have talked about.

As soon as the documentation is processed, we should announce it

IIRC, Joshua announces it to LinuxToday.

Maybe you could set up a script to announce the documents to freshmeat ?

The best would be a global HOWTO tracking system, which gives each HOWTO
a version, a date of submission, a peer review status, announces it

> In the absence of LDP activity other entities have taken up the
> slack. rather than gnashing teeth over this I suggest strongly
> we start cooperating as soon as possible.

Suggestions and ideas are a good thing, but we must implement them.
We can't do anything at the same time.

The Peer Review for example needs more peer reviewer.
Alessandro is doing most of the work alone.

It'd be neat to show hits, author and peer review status on a web page
for each HOWTO, but it will seem quite empty is 5% of the HOWTOs are
peer reviewed.

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