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Re: mini-HOWTO

On Wed, Jan 26, 2000 at 10:16:24AM +0000, Terry Dawson wrote:
> > clause in the submission process which says "You agree to maintain
> > this component" --- if someone doesn't want the great hoards of users
> > sending them email to complain about a typo, them maybe an LDP doc is
> > not for them, or they should add their doc to the "unmaintained" list.
> If free documentation is like free software then you can't do this. If I
> write free software I am under no obligation to maintain it.

While I think we should show hits, peer review status, version, author
(...) we mustn't declare a document unmaintained unless the author
decides it is.

OTOH, if the document had not been updated for a long time, if the
license allowed it and if a 3rd party want to maintain it, if the
original author didn't upgrade it, I think we should change the
maintainer status.


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