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Re: mini-HOWTO

Terry Dawson <terry@animats.net> wrote:

> Documents that have not been updated in some should be candidates for
> an 'unmaintained' documents list. "Some time" can be any period really.
> 3,6,12 months are probably good targets. An attempt to contact the
> author at the address listed in the document should be made, if there
> is no response the LDP can change the document status to 'unmaintained'
> and recruit a new maintainer.

Don't be too quick to conclude that a How-To is abandoned. My Hard Disk
Upgrade Mini How-To went almost a year and a half between updates.
Nothing became out of date and nobody complained. 

Yves Bellefeuille <yan@storm.ca>, Ottawa, Canada
Francais / English / Esperanto
Maintainer, Esperanto FAQ: http://www.esperanto.net/veb/faq.html
PGP key at the servers and at http://www.storm.ca/~yan/pgp.asc

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