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New OSWG site: alpha version online

Hi folks.

The OSWG has been working on creating a new, more interactive, website,
which has just gone into the "alpha testing" stage.  What we need at
this point is for people to go test its various features, which include:

- A slashdot-like news & announcements posting system.  This is intended
to provide a central place where people can post news related to Open
Source documentation and related projects.

- A Volunteers database where people who want to help with Open Source
documentation can register as writers, editors, proofreaders,
translators, or markup specialists.

- A Projects database where projects needing help with documentation can

- A fairly simple "Open Source Documentation Index" which is meant to
provide a central location for users to search for Open Source
documentation (note: search and browsing features will be enhanced in
the near future).

- Collaborative links listings, including an "Online Bookshelf" (online
docs of interest to documentation people), a "Toolkit" (documentation
editing and processing tools), and a general "Links List".

And more.

Straight off the top I'll warn you: the site is sitting on port 8080
(not the normal web server, as regular site still exists), and the
server on 8080 has a disconcerting tendency to just stop every once in a
while.  We're working on this problem, but don't be shocked if the
following URL is inaccessible from time to time.  We'll get it back up
and running ASAP, and hopefully these problems will be fixed by the end
of the day.
All that said, here's the URL:

There are more details in the story on the front page of the site.  I'm
sure you get the picture by now.  I'm just really looking to get some
traffic on the site so I can be fairly sure that the
database/infrastructure stuff is reasonably stable.  Any and all
feedback is appreciated.


- deb

Deb Richardson, Executive Editor
Linuxcare, Inc.
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deb@linuxcare.com, http://www.linuxcare.com

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