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Re: mailing list archives

On Jan 28,  4:33am, NAKANO Takeo wrote:
> Subject: Re: mailing list archives
> In article <10001251454.ZM9851@hoop.timonium.sgi.com>
> gferg@hoop.timonium.sgi.com writes:
> > >     www.linuxdoc.org/archives/ldp-discuss/maillist.html  (large;
> >
> > I misspoke. That file is /ridiculously large/ - ~33meg.
> > This definitely needs to be addressed.
> This page (and threads.html also) is flooded with
> a lot of "Output from "cron" command" messages complaining:
> ==
> Your "cron" job on titan.oit.unc.edu
> /export/sunsite/users/ldp-dis/bin/addem 2>&1 >>
> produced the following output:
> Warning: Database (2.4.3) != program (2.4.4) version.

Ok, we filtered out the invalid msgs (had some mailer daemon msgs
in addition to the cron msgs), and also caught a problem whereby
the content of the indexes (maillist/threads) was repeating; hence
the huge size of the file. After filtering, its down from 33meg to
a much more reasonable size of 195K.

I'll keep an eye on this and in the meantime Paul Jones and the
metalab crew are checking out why these problems occurred in the
first place (at least I think he'll be looking into it at some

Once again, thanks to Takeo Nakano (nakano@apm.seikei.ac.jp) for
helping to track this down.


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