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Re: mini-HOWTO

"der.hans" wrote:

> One of the problems mentioned here as well as the ode group is that there
> are too many hurdles at this point. Writing docs isn't near as sexy as
> whacking out some code :).

I agree completely. Until we, or the community at large can find a way
of engendering the same sort of respect for documentation developers
that software developers have then documentation will always be a
struggle. I've expressed this view quite recently myself in other

> Maybe we should copy the Debian model more
> closely, e.g. assign LDP maintainers who take the upstream docs and get it
> to fit LDP wishes. If the upstream doc format really conflicts it'd suck,
> but for most cases it wouldn't be bad. As in the Debian model, the
> upstream maintainer could also be the LDP maintainer. This gets someone
> form LDP to be working more closely with upstream maintainers or hopefully
> gets upstream maintainers to work more closely with the LDP :).

It's a nice idea. One of the big advantages of this is that if the LDP
sets up a bug reporting system the maintainer of the document can feed
collated/vetted patches to the upstream author for introduction into the
mainstream, significantly reducing the work that the primary author has
to do.

Do you think we could find the people to do it?

> I'm not in favor of splitting the docs up, but it would be possible to do
> "LDP" and "non-LDP" sections. Would the non-LDP section have to be hosted
> out of .nl? :)


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