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Re: mini-HOWTO

On jeu, 27 jan 2000, Guylhem Aznar à écrit
>On Wed, Jan 26, 2000 at 08:07:52PM +0100, jdd wrote:
>> how about setting the last editing date in the file name as for most
>> program's tgz?
>The date should be included in the sgml header.

of course, but this date should be visible without opening the doc. Suffice
then to ask any author to mail it's howto to the list once a year (with or
without modification, may be onmly the date...) to mean he is always here
and the hoxto is still usefull.

It's true that MANY howto looks old and one can't know for shure if it's
up to date without such clue.

this is done with tgz, I think it's also important for doc. It represents
very little work.

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