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Re: [oswg-dis] Re: reader comments & reviews

Alessandro Rubini wrote:

> >> One solution would be LDP making the .rmp .deb and .tgz packages
> >> of the archives so the packagers could just copy it into the
> >> respective distributions.
> >
> > Sure, that's a solution they might find attractive, if it is done
> > properly.
> I don't agree, for two reasons. First of all, it's their homework, not
> ours; secondarily, it's not an easy task at all, as I'm told each
> distribution (even those with the same packaging format) has its own
> peculiarities.

That was what I meant by "if it is done properly". These packages
produced would have to conform to whatever policy the distributions
might put in place, and would have to be built by registered package
developers for the relevant distribution.

I personally think the distributions would be happy to build the package


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