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Stein Gjoen wrote:
> Hello,
> Unless you have been vacationing on Mars the last few years most of you
> would know that there has been quite a bit of flap about the LWZ patent
> used in the GIF format.
> Also in the HTML rendered HOWTOs there are the 3 next.gif, prev.gif
> and toc.gif used as hyperlinks. Is this a good idea?
> It might be tempting to use PNG but sadly not all browsers support
> this format. Another alternative is plain text, saves time and space
> too.
> This is yet another solution, a middle ground, using tables and ascii:

Well, personally I'd prefer to turn the GIFs into PNGs, since PNG kicks
butt.  If that's not going to happen, then I'd say use the words "next",
"previous", and "up" or however the ones that do that in just text are
(I can't remember offhand).  I think that the words are more obvious
than "<", ">" "^".  Just my two percent of a united states dollar.

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