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Re: [oswg-dis] Re: reader comments & reviews

Deb Richardson wrote:
> I think you've missed the point a little here.  If an author is writing
> free docs then he or she _is_ actively helping a project.  A
> documentation project is nothing without content, and thus the content
> developers (aka: writers/editors/translators/proofreaders/etc) are much
> more important than the people coordinating the website, mailing lists,

I think the authors are the *core* of such projects, and writing free
docs *is* actively helping.

However if each document was written in a different format, available on
a different site, and was neither proof read nor translated, the public
wouldn't mind reading it.

On Mon, Feb 07, 2000 at 09:13:25AM +0100, jdd wrote:
> On dim, 06 fév 2000, Deb Richardson à écrit
> >Top priority is the documentation.  All else is secondary.  Never make
> >the mistake of underestimating the value of your contributors.  
> don't think so. I'm an author and not at all involved in ldp, but wothout

Neither do I.

Top priority is the help we provide, the coordinators and the
contributors are just a way to help.

We authors and coordinators are not important, our work is important

> ldp, what kind of author am I? and it's much less gratifying to organise
> doc than to write it. Authors see they names all around, others guys make
> a unseen, deprecated work, but still necessary...

I think you perfectly understood the problem ; I would just like some
positive feedback from the authors.

If something is broken, please tell us and say what you would like,
we'll do our best to implement it.

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