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LDP integration with LWN and Freshmeat

Time for more good news:

Increasing the LDP profile has been on the minds of many in this
list and I started making some contacts.

Linux Weekly News (LWN) http://lwn.net/ is a weekly zine
publishing news on and related to Linux, that are thorough
and comprehensive. New issues come on every Thursday and they
also have a daily section.

It is split into the following sections:
 - Security
 - Kernel
 - Distributions
 - Development
 - Commerce
 - Linux in the news
 - Announcements

Under the development section you will find subsections on
topics like Education, Search engines and more and I felt
a small section on LDP could fit in.

I contacted LWN and got very positive feedback, so the plan
now is to submit once or twice a month 5-10 lines on LDP news.
LWN is one of the more serious publications and I believe
this will help us increase our profile significantly.

The Announcement section is generated from the Freshmeat
database http://freshmeat.net/ so I felt we could improve
coverage even further by a closer cooperation with them.

you will see many have registered already and you will see
a few more intersting features:
 - automatic announcements
 - automatic tracking
 - web log feedback
 - search engine integration
and more.

So I contacted Freshmeat and have heard nothing since.
I hoped we could add links to Debian style bug tracking
since the increased profile is likely to generate a lot
more traffic than we have seen up to now. If the LDP
could interface directly with Freshmeat it would be
saving the authors some work.

So that is the status up to now.

You know, I really like feedback on this. Go on, you can
do it. I keep proposing a few things now and then and it
all ends in thundering silence. I cannot pretend to
represent all of you authors out there and I had hoped to
see some comments before I proceeded. I hope you can make
some comments on what has been done up to now and how you
feel we should proceed from here

   Stein Gjoen

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