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LDP in /. (thanks guylhem)

some very very positive responses to the new LDP look/site (for the most
part ;-> it is /. afterall)

Guylhem Aznar writes " After some restructuring of the Linux Documentation
Project (LDP) we feel ready to serve the Linux community from our new
home. The LDP has collected and produced numerous documents such as
guides, HOWTOs and mini-HOWTOs, FAQs pages, and more. " Continues in
article body...

             All in all the LDP endeavors to produce and provide a
one-stop source of information relating to the various aspects of Linux.
There is now also a search engine on the front page to help you quickly
and efficiently locate the documents you need. If you have a question,
chances are you will find what you need here.

             These documents are produced for you, the end users. That
means if there is anything in the documents you find unclear, ambiguous or
incorrect you should not hesitate in contacting the author. While the
workload of the authors in general may be high and cannot be expected to
answer specific problems you may have on your machine, generally authors
are only happy to receive feedback on the documents.

             Likewise, if you feel you have something to contribute or you
wish to try your hands as an LDP author you are welcome to contact the LDP
coordinator with your inputs (see the HOWTO-HOWTO). Remember that new
documents are produced all the time so it is important to contact the LDP
before you start writing in order to eliminate the possibility of
duplicate work.

             Remember that you do not have to be on-line to read the
HOWTOs, in many cases these documents are installed with your Linux
distribution and can be found in /usr/doc/HOWTO/

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