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Re: First batch and mini HOWTOs

My latency times are up, sorry, but I am happy to see this
hive of activity in this list. 8-)

Guylhem Aznar wrote:
> > Good news. Will that also happen to the unmaintained HOWTOs too?
> Yes ; I will put all the HOWTOs/unmaintained/mini in the same directory.
> > How do you mean? On news:comp.os.linux.announce? Strictly
> > speaking this should perhaps also have gone to the
> > ldp-announce mailing list? Or was it LWN you meant?
> cola, ldp-announce and lwn are fine.

It would seem weird to announce it to cola before the
main announcement is out, that would be like a time slip.
I'll try to make a write up a summary for use on LWN.
Nest LWN issue is out tomorrow so I am aiming for next
week's issue.

I will submit the text as soon as I can but I already
have a pile of updates to do to the main announcement,
the intro(ldp) and the stub man page as well as for
the two HOWTOs that I started out with so you cannot
expect it tomorrow.

For the longer term I hope someone can take over the
LWN summary job but I'd like to see it start up
properly first.

   Stein Gjoen

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