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Re: Good news for docbook fans

On Wed, Feb 09, 2000 at 10:08:49PM +0100, Guylhem Aznar wrote:
> However, I would suggest for the new hierarchy :
> `-- Linux
>     `-- docs
>         |-- DOCBOOK (for docbook-only documents, each will have its subdir)
>         |-- FAQ (for txt and html documents)
>         |-- GUIDES (for other documents)
>         `-- HOWTO
>             |-- source
>             |      |-- linuxdoc
>             |      `-- docbook
>             |-- dvi
>             |-- html
>             |-- info
>             |-- pdf
>             |-- ps
>             `-- txt
> Why DOCBOOK dir?
> Because some DocBook only documents may contain pictures (...) and thus
> couldn't be converted to some formats HOWTOs currently supported (txt
> for example)

I agree with having a directory for each DocBook HOWTO, but not
because it can't be converted to txt. The tag I'm suggesting at the
HOWTO is like this:

<figure id="example-to-ldp">
         <imagedata fileref="imagens/arquivo.eps" format="eps">
         <imagedata fileref="imagens/arquivo.jpg" format="jpg">
         <phrase>Aqui há uma imagem de exemplo</phrase>
      <caption><para>Descrição da imagem. Opcional.</para></caption>

Why this structure? It is processed like this:

- Does the format of the output allow us to use eps graphics? 
  +- Yes. Use it. Show caption. End.
  +- No.
      +- Does it allow us to use JPEG graphics? 
      +- Yes. Use it. Show caption. End.
      +- No. 
         +- Use text. Show caption. End.

> Either we move DocBook only documents apart or we deprecate plain txt
> versions, and we will have a single source dir for any sgml source
> (linuxdoc/docbook).
> Comments?

Don't deprecate plain text documents!!! They are very useful over slow
links or for a quick reference. 

> Should we contact each mirror before creating this new tree?

Why are you asking? I think that we can create it and they'll keep
mirroring the correct tree. What's the tool used by them? In our
mirror we use rsync. I don't know if it has a feature of removing
files that were removed on the server... If it doesn't, them we should
contact the mirrors after two or three days, asking them to remove
specific directories that were moved. 

> BTW I'm a little sick these days, I may take too much time to reply but
> I know *each* subject is important and I will do by best.

I wish you get better soon. 

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