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RE: Proposed announcement etc, 3.rd revision

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> From: Stein Gjoen []
> Sent: Thursday, February 10, 2000 1:50 AM
> To: ldp-discuss@lists.linuxdoc.org
> Subject: Proposed announcement etc, 3.rd revision
> I got some feedback on the proposed texts I posted 7.th february on
>  - announcement text
>  - intro.ldp manpage source
>  - disk.ldp  - sample man page stub for the Multi Disk HOWTO
> so once again yours truly sumbits a revised set of proposals,
> quickly heading for an epic of Shakepearian proportions.
> So, once again: please give me feedback!

Looks pretty good to me.  Everything seems to flow together, except maybe
the reference on where to find the real Multi-Disk-HOWTO.  I think that the
best way to address this is to design a directory structure going from a
single root directory, (I.E. LDP/) and assume that everything will reside
there.  Then when so-and-so takes our work and adds it to their
distribution, they can place it in either /usr/doc/LDP, or in
/usr/share/doc/LDP.  When we reference a HOWTO, we could use a "variable" to
describe where it will be to make it easier for the distribution maintainers
to customize it to their filesystem layout.  In addition, when referencing
things from man pages, they should be referring to the plain text format
because man is basically plain text+.  Here's an example

       The Multi Disk HOWTO is located at $LDP_dir/Multi-Disk-HOWTO


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