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Re: Slashdot reply (draft 0.1)

Good reply, overall, I'd give it a 9/10. It was great to see the interest in
the LDP raised by your submission to Slashdot.

A small typo:

> <snip>
> Then please a license compatible with our requirements (GNU Free
> <snip>

s/Then please a/Then please choose a/

Also, a general comment about the tone of the third-last and last paragraphs:
I'm concerned that they sound a little too defensive. Not being one to
criticize without offering suggestions, I'd take a cut at rephrasing your final
paragraph as follows:

< We do need more authors. Unfortunately, not everyone can be a good 
< author. It requires a combination of writing skills, technical knowledge,
< and the willingness to accept criticism that improves your final product.
< Thank you all for your responses--we hope that you continue to let us know
< your opinions on the LDP.

Dan Scott,
Friend of the abnormal.

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