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Re: alpha sorting

On Fri, 11 Feb 2000, Guylhem Aznar wrote:

> On Fri, Feb 11, 2000 at 02:02:27AM -0700, der.hans wrote:
> > could we change the sort mechanism on the HOWTO index to not be case
> > sensitive? e.g. change from
> This is a sorting standard and I think we should stick to it.

I think it's a broken standard :). Actually, I think it's a standard
because it's generally not been properly implemented. It used to be that
properly implementing it had massively detrimental effects on performance,
but today that isn't true, especially for such a short list of items.

I just checked a dictionary and abbreviations get sorted where they belong
alphabetically, not with abbreviations at the front. I believe the phone
book puts abbreviations up front which has caused me plenty of problems
when I didn't realize that a company name was an abbreviation.

I expect to find ldp between ldatitious and ldvarious ;-).

> We could change the HOWTO titles (PCI -> Pci) but it may be more
> confusing.

No, properly capitalized is better. BTW, when done properly the current
mechanism would put SuSE in the almost correct place since the "u" should
be lower case, but leave most other abbreviations at the front.

Just my unsorted .02 Euro :).


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