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On Wed, Feb 09, 2000 at 04:34:20PM +0100, jdd wrote:

> If the sgml tools are to be maintained anew, I see only one thing who
> lacks : the ability to use tables.
> tables are easy to use in any word processor (ie lyx) but are not
> translated by sgml2html. I don't know if this means modifying the linux
> DTD but anyway it is worth the work, It should be damage to go to docbook
> only for tables. And tables are mandatory for most manuals.

It's simple to make tables in sgml-tools (linuxdoc).  One just uses a
<verb> environment with fixed width font (either use <tt> or
<tscreen>).  The result is a table in plain text just like one would
type on an old typewriter.  It isn't fancy but it serves the purpose.
It also displays OK in html, etc. (but html doesn't classify it as a
table although it actually is).

                        David Lawyer

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