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Re: two notes

On Fri, Feb 11, 2000 at 06:28:33PM -0500, Deb Richardson wrote:
> Guylhem mentioned automating the LDP submission process.  The easiest
> way to do this is to get that CVS system you've been working on up and
> running.  That way authors can either get accounts and do updates
> themselves, or they can send their updated docs to a central place where
> any one of a number of volunteers with CVS accounts can commit the new
> doc into the tree.  This is how the OSWG deals with it, and it really is
> quite effective.

We had long discussions about this, and some authors didn't agree.
I am working on a mail-based automatic submission.

Most of the work is already done

> with the DocBook instance in the CVS system.  I'd be happy to pass along
> a copy of our scripts -- they cannot be used "as is" since all the
> paths/etc are hardcoded in, but you might be able to emulate our system
> fairly easily.  

Serek, would you be interested?

> I haven't had a chance to look at your CVS system...is there a page out
> there about it anywhere?  I'd be interested in seeing what structure you
> decided to use.  The OSWG has emulated the structure that the FreeBSD
> Documentation Project uses...it allows for various languages to be
> separated out, etc. 

It is still under development ; Serek is working on it.

> Second...
> If/when the LDP does decide to merge the miniHOWTOs in with the HOWTOs,
> I recommend leaving a copy of the miniHOWTOs in their current location
> for a while.  Chances are that there are at least a couple of dozen
> pages out there that link to each of them.  The LDP doc tree structure
> has been around for an awfully long time, and changing that structure is
> not to be taken lightly or done radically & suddenly.  Make it known
> that the /mini dir is deprecated and give folks plenty of time to update
> their links.  I imaging that a year would be sufficient warning.  It
> might seem like a long time, but better to overshoot than underestimate,
> really.

Good idea ; Gregory is my hierarchy proposal ok?
We will keep both the old hierarchy (with warnings and links to the new
one) and the new one.

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