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Re: Proposed LWN submission

> > > > and posting to <a href="news:comp.os.linux.announce">cola</a>.
> > >
> > > I've been wondering what cola is!
> >
> > Interesting, in that case we cannot assume everyone else does
> > so I will suggest it be spelled out in full.
> The problem with cola is that it's pretty darn ambiguous.
> Comp.os.linux.announce, comp.os.linux.answers, there's probably another that
> I'm forgetting.  Those two are both talked about here, and cola doesn't tell
> you which one...

Since .answer has been used only for the Linux Journal FAQ the
cola acronym refers to comp.os.linux.announce but the ambiguity
should be avoided and is fixed on the earlier posted alternative

It looks good enough to me and unless someone objects I suggest
we mail it off to LWN as soon as we can agree on the announcement.

The only thing left now is capitalising as LinuxDoc so if
anyone has contents related inputs I would like to hear
about it now.

   Stein Gjoen

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