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Re: restructuring

On Mon, 14 Feb 2000, Greg O'Keefe wrote:

> What I would like to see the directory structure contain every permutation of
> LDP/<category>/<format>
> where <category> is HOWTO or FAQ or GUIDE
> and <format> is dvi or html-tgz or html or txt or docbook or linuxdoc or pdf or ps or anything else that is useful and possible.
> Each document should have exactly one category, and be available in every
> format. 

Unfortunatly this is impossible.

So we should change that to: be available in as many format as possible.

> Some problems:
> -is it possible, and is there any point in converting a plain text
>  FAQ to docbook-sgml and the other more sophisticated formats?

Useless IM(NSH)O


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