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New Linux Resource Site

Hello All,

        We are creating a new site named LinuxResource.Org. It is going to
be a searchable database of Linux information, articles, general howtos
and other helpful information. We are already mirroring the LDP, but are
debating adding all of the LDP howtos into our MySQL database for an
_additional_ means of searching howtos, not replace what ya'll have
already done. No modification of the howtos will be made. It'll take a bit
of work and won't happen right away. I just wanted to get some feedback
from everyone on the list. According to the LDPL:

"The LDP documents may be reproduced and distributed in whole or in part,
in any medium physical or electronic, provided that this license notice is
displayed in the reproduction."

We intend to follow this exactly. If anyone knows of any complications, or
has suggestions, I'd love to hear.

Thanks for your time,
billy sneed

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