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Duplicates (Was: [Re: Problem with Text translations])

> On a completely unrelated note, whats with the practice of replying both
> to the list and to the original poster?  Isn't this quite redundant?  I
> mean, I'm getting the email twice, and since I'm already on the list, why
> email me directly if you're just going to CC the list anyways?  I find
> this practice common here, and quite frankly it perplexes me.

This is an artefact of using e-mail for something that it wasn't
originally intended for (a mailing list). If we used NNTP (net news)
instead, we wouldn't have any of these problems. People often
suggest changing the reply-to address on mailing lists in order to
work around this issue; but unfortunately, that leads to a whole
slew of other problems. The best thing is to leave it the way the
LDP list does it right now, and everybody who is annoyed by receiving
occasional duplicates, can fix it locally. Just install "procmail"
on your machine and stick the following two lines into your

:0 Wh: ~/.procmail/msgid.lock
| formail -D 8192 ~/.procmail/msgid.cache

P.S.: If you want to discuss the virtues (or lack thereof) of
      mangling reply-to addresses, then please _do_not_ do this on
      the list! Past experience on other lists has shown this to be
      a fool-proof way of causing lengthy flamewars. If you still
      feel the need to discuss it, send direct e-mail to the list
      owners (or flame me, if you prefer that).

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