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Re: HOWTO index


Thanks a lot for your constructive comment.

I will try to change the HOWTO INDEX, including a short description of
each HOWTO.

Will it be ok?

On Thu, Feb 17, 2000 at 11:20:00AM +0100, Tom Berger wrote:
> Dear Guylhem,
> I maintain a medium-sized user-support site (www.mandrakeuser.org) and I
> have just seen the new index for the HTML-HowTos.
> Please don't get me wrong: you guys do a tremendous job and I really
> appreciate that (like millions of other people). But I must strongly urge
> you to go back to the old index format. The mere listing of short names
> confuses even me (and I'm with Linux since 1996) and the index is the
> *most* important page of all the LDP HowTos. The new page revives the old
> myth of Linux being cryptical and hard to use. Please, please revert this
> change. There are lots of people out there who rely on this index and that
> it's actually telling people what they can expect from a certain HowTo.
> Thank you!
> Regards
> tom
> -- 
> "Our battles are directed?"
> Thomas 'tom' Berger, tom.be@gmx.net (home), tom@mandrakesoft.com (work)
> http://www.mandrakeuser.org, webmaster@mandrakeuser.org
> UMS: +49-(0)89-1488-208756 phone: +49-(0)30-45809013

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