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Hi all,

By start of 1999 I wanted to write The Catalan-HOWTO for Linux, a HOWTO
in the line of Italian-HOWTO, German-HOWTO, but in catalan ;-). Catalan
is the language of Catalonia, a country inside Spain of 6 million
people, and the ISO code for catalan is: ca.

I followed then the steps of The Linux HOWTO Index, and contacted with
the predecessor of Tim Bynum (don't remember his name now...). Having
done it, first I must had to patch sgmltools-1.0.7 to can process
linux-doc documents in catalan, and done little patches to can accept
all the iso-8859-1 table. When it was finished I posted to the indicated
address and waited for its publishing (it was an address at metalab).

Then the switch to DocBook and sgml-tools-2.0 began. Well, another patch
to Norm Walsh docbook-stylesheets to can process DocBook documents in
catalan. I translated the document to DocBook and submitted again to the
same address (as in the HOWTO Index not had been changed).

My first plan was try to publish a new version of the document every
five-six months, but by now I think the main priority is to get things
clarified. Some days ago, one mail from this list was BCC to sgmltools
mailing list so I know about you from first time. I revised the HOWTO
Index and noticed about the changes.

So, what about now?


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Perceval - Marc Huguet Puig                  <>
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The Catalan-HOWTO for Linux: http://www.fut.es/~mhp/Catalan-HOWTO/
I want a Top Level Domain for Catalonia! http://www.domini-ct.org/

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