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Publishing Linux Docs

I recently installed Corel Linux and am a complete newcomer to Linux. I
just read with interest the Publishing LDP Documents section on

I have a hobby book publishing business that I run from my home. I use
high-speed duplexing lasers, plus I own my own perfect binding machine.
("Perfect binding," also sometimes called "squareback binding" is what the
public thinks of as paperback binding.) I can produce about 50 copies of a
typical book per day. My books are as professional as anything you find in
bookstores. The nice thing about "printing" this way is that I can change
the text at a moment's notice. I will never have thousands of copies of an
out of date book rotting in a warehouse.

I am interested in publishing some of the LDP documents, but being a
newcomer I don't know which might be most useful to Linux users. Marketing
is key, of course. Part of the marketing equation is identifying a product
that customers would find useful. The rest of the equation is letting the
customers know about the product and where to buy it (advertising). I could
use suggestions for both issues.

Although I know little about Linux so far, I have strong skills in
communication, layout and design.

I am also interested in working with an author to produce a book for Linux
beginners, perhaps specifically for those coming from Windows. This is the
coming wave. The Linux community needs to prepare for it. Documentation for
new desktop users is going to be in high demand. Worse, if it is not
available, or not in format that Windows users can digest, they will become
disenchanted with Linux.

Any thoughts or suggestions welcome.

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