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Re: Queued HOWTOs

In regards to the list of queued HOWTO's to process... Is there a way
for us to know whats queued up at the lpd-submit@ address?

I've submitted a copy of my Busmouse-HOWTO about 2 weeks ago and don't
know for sure if its in the bit-bucket or not.

Also, why don't we open up the submit process to be viewable by all?? 
Since it obviously takes weeks/months at a time to get HOWTO's processed
I think we should have a method for adventurous end-users to view the
bleeding-edge versions of the HOWTO (not everyone has a personal web
page dedicated to their HOWTO's).

The to-be-processed HOWTO's always seem to contain the information that
they are looking for and not the 2 month old versions. :-)

Also, I seem to have missed some info on the CVS project.  Hows it
going?  What are we lacking to get it mainstream?  I'd like to help out
if possible.

I'd like to suggest that the CVS server should label the last stable
version of a given howto and the labeled version is what is sent to
metalab each night.  That way the document authors could always submit
their latest versions and end-users could even retrieve them but the
stable label would move at the slower pace as the maintainer has


 Chris Bagwell ()     |     Dallas, TX
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