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Email Advertising Special--Ends Friday


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Special Ends Friday March 3, 2000

MLM'ers, We can build your downline.

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If you only get a 1/10 of 1% response
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You hear about people getting rich off
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With the introduction of the Internet, one primary
KEY to conducting your business successfully is
creating massive exposure in a cost effective

The experts agree that email marketing is one of
the most cost effective forms of promotion in
existence today.

Electronic mail has overtaken the telephone as the
primary means of business communication.(American
Management Association)

Of online users 41 percent check their email daily.

"A gold mine for those who can take advantage of
bulk email programs"- The New York Times

"Email is an incredible lead generation tool"
-Crains Magazine

"Blows away traditional Mailing"-Advertising Age

"It's truly arrived. Email is the killer app so
far in the online world"-Kate Delhagen, Forrester
Research Analyst

Why not let a professional company handle your
direct email marketing efforts for you?

*We will assist you in developing your entire

*We can even create your ad or annoucement for

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SPECIAL ENDS Friday March 3, 2000

Targeted Rates Upon Request.

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