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Re: Astronomy HOWTO?


I was about to agree with you that an astronomy HOWTO would be an excellent
idea, and cite the HAM HOWTO as a prime example of related subjects being
included in the HOWTO's.  Then I looked for the HAM-HOWTO and found it GONE! 
Is this intentional???  It is still listed in some of the search engines and
some mirrors so it can't be that long gone but it is apparently gone from
linuxdoc.  I am relatively new to this list so I probably don't know the
history of this.  Anybody know what the story is here?


>On Fri, 03 Mar 2000, Brian wrote:
> So the LDP no longer handles HOWTOs?  
> If my request is outside the scope of the LDP, maybe you can direct me
> to the appropriate m/l or resource.
>   --Brian
> David Lawyer wrote:
> > 
> > You sent this to the Linux Documentation Project which only does docs
> > on Linux.
> > 
> > On Fri, Mar 03, 2000 at 11:43:11AM -0600, Brian wrote:
> > > Is there an Astronomy HOWTO or anything that is in the works? 
> > >
> > >

((some parts snipped))

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