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Re: Feedback: New HOWTO index broken :-(

On Mar 15,  4:23pm, Mark Komarinski wrote:
> Subject: Re: Feedback: New HOWTO index broken :-(
> [original poster removed for reasons that will be clear later]
> Hugo,
> Did you even *test* this?  I just did, and Ruven is correct.
> Try these simple steps:
> 1)  Go download http://www.linuxdoc.org/HOWTO/Linux-html-HOWTOs.tar.gz
> and untar it in its own directory (assume the directory is
> 2)  Go into /home/markk/HOWTO and untgz the HOWTO-INDEX and the
> (note that 3Dfx-HOWTO creates its own subdirectory).
> 3)  Fire up netscape.
> 4)  Load /home/markk/HOWTO/HOWTO-INDEX-3.html.  Click on 3Dfx-HOWTO.
> 5)  Look at pretty error.
> Here we are trying to help people out, and we get all snooty at them
> when they report an error.  I ask again:  DID YOU VERIFY THIS?
> The answer can only be no, since I was able to see the EXACT SAME ERROR
> in under 5 minutes.

Thanks Mark. I'll get this corrected ASAP. Those sub-dirs should not
be getting created.


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