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Hi there
I'm an engineer lives in korea.
I have one question about dhcp. 
The situation that confront me is troubleshooting in case of configuration on two interfaces ( two- lancard).
My network use two networks, one is public IP address, and the other is private IP address. 
For example , the configuration is as follows. :
              default-lease-time 600 max-lease-time 7200;
              option subnet-mask;
              option broadcast-address;
              option routers;
              option domain-name-servers;
              option domain-name "test.co.kr";
              subnet netmask; {                  (# private ip address)
              subnet netmask; {        (# public ip address)

and then , my clients are assigned with ip address from linux server and use internet. but the problem is they can't use TELNET

please show me the way to solve it as soon as possiblePԔ  zf%v݊.zlכ0Zyhr{Ӯ¢{Zrbٚ׫Xy+