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Kudos and question


First of all, kudos to Guylhem, Joshua, Greg, Stein, Jorge, David
and all others who run the linuxdoc project and site: you're doing an
excellent job. If only spam could be kept away from this list ...

I have a few questions about the current state of the DocBook-ization
of linuxdoc. Perhaps it would be beneficial to all authors if somebody
clarified these issues.

So: all existing HOWTOs had been converted to DocBook, as we all know.
Furthermore, HOWTOs are now accepted in DocBook format also.
My question is: what if I decide to migrate to DocBook and send all
future updates of my HOWTO in this format? How will the LinuxDoc
version of the HOWTO get updated? Or is the DocBook format the
"official" source now and are all other, non-SGML variants
produced from this source? In this case, we probably don't need
the files in LinuxDoc format any more.
(Not that I'm eager to move to DocBook: I read Jorge's tutorial,
then took a look at Norman Walsh's book and decided that I needed
a tool to cope with this DTD. I don't know if the DocBook support
in Lyx is good enough for an average HOWTO.)

Miscellaneous: about a month ago somebody sent a guide, called RUTE,
to this list, as a donation to linuxdoc. Has anybody answered the post?

Pal Domokos

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