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Here's what I posted at NerdPerfect.  I was not able to enter my name
because my Lynx brower would not allow it (I just tried it again).
It would only allow entering the title and message body.  I thought it
might ask again when I clicked "post" but it didn't.

   [1]NerdPerfect Homepage 
     Friday, March 24th
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   What is "Astronomy-HOWTO"
   Added by: [16]No-use-for-a-name (no@got.com) - Friday, March 24th -
   12:05PM [80]
   I'm the one that saw your request for an "Astronomy HOWTO" and said no
   because I hastily assumed that your proposed HOWTO was not related to
   Linux. I apologize for this blunder on my part. Also, I wrote an email
   to you and others explaining this but I can't find it in my outbox and
   suspect that it may have been destroyed when my wife "pulled the plug"
   on my PC. I too encourage you to write this Astronomy-HOWTO but
   suggest somehow putting "Linux" in the title such as
                        David Lawyer

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