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LDAP authentication HOWTO?


I am currently writing a document on how to authenticate services via LDAP
for my organization. We are authenticating not only the standard services
like login, rlogin, ftp, pop and so on, but also Samba, Sendmail, NT and
windows logins, Domain logons, Netscape Roaming access, etc etc.
Our goal is to put as much into the LDAP database as possible.

I was wondering if it would be an idea to write this document in HOWTO or
mini-HOWTO form. There is a lot of documentation on installing the various
programs involved, but I was unable to find any docs about how to get it
all to work together.

Could you let me know if this is already being done by somebody, or if it
is not worthwile writing it? If so, I will only write it for internal
purposes, and not for publishing.

Thanks in advance,

Roel van Meer

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