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A bit of history :-)
I worte last year a document called HP-HOWTO to help people wanting to use
HP "things" (hardware, software, ...) with Linux and some free software.

The 2 first version were french only, but now I have translated it,
so I would like to know the following :

Is it interesting to put it in the LDP ? (it's written in DocBook)
Is there a list for people who are non native english speakers
and who want to have their HOWTOs corrected (I'm sure, as you can read
that it's needed :-)

Any other thing I should know ?

Thanks for reading,

(BTW, URL is http://www.medasys-digital-systems.fr/linux/HP-Howto/HP-HOWTO-EN)
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                      Médasys Digital Systems        Fax: 01 69 33 73 02
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