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Re: sgml tools help

Greg Ferguson wrote:
> On Apr 4,  7:21pm, Tom Fawcett wrote:
> > Subject: sgml tools help
> >
> > Are there instructions anywhere that explain, start to finish, how to
> > install a set of working tools for converting DocBook documents into
> > (tex,pdf,html,txt)?
> This is (still) being worked on. It's badly needed. I believe
> Jorge is going to fold it into his Using DocBook HOWTO (but I
> can't say specifically).
> Currently we have a HOWTO HOWTO, a Using DocBook HOWTO (under
> development), and a Guide Submission HOWTO. I think we need to
> consolidate this into one easily-maintainable Author's Guide
> (or Author's HOWTO).
> Does that seem like the correct approach?

Sounds like a plan.  Jorge, (whoever has Guide Submission HOWTO) e-mail
me and maybe we can all work something out.


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