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Unidentified subject!

Bcc wedler@fmi.uni-passau.de
Subject: Emacs template for DocBook
From: Gary Lawrence Murphy <garym@canada.com> 
Date: 05 Apr 2000 17:31:38 -0400
Message-ID: <m3g0t08cat.fsf@maya.linux.ca>
Reply-To: Gary Lawrence Murphy <garym@canada.com> 
Organization: TCI: Business Innovation through Open Source Computing
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Anyone using Emacs PSGML mode and template.el for writing LDP docbook
files might find this useful: My first cut at a template for DocBook.

If you are not already using template.el, you should.  The package is
not (yet) part of GNU Emacs; it can be fetched from Christopher Wedler's
site at http://www.fmi.uni-passau.de/~wedler/template/ or from your
favourite Elisp archive.

The attached template is just a guide, something I find useful to have
as more and more people ask me to write things (I still don't know
why) --- you will want to edit some parts to make it your own. We may
also want to take something like this and work it up into a general
structure format suitable for different classes of LDP docs such as
HOWTOs, Guides and Books.

Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=TEMPLATE.sgml.tpl
Content-Description: DocBook template for Emacs template.el

(>>>2<<<)<!ENTITY % entities SYSTEM "entities.sgml">
-- (>>>FILE<<<) --- (>>>COMMENT<<<)
-- Copyright (C) (>>>YEAR<<<) (>>>USER_NAME<<<)
-- Author: (>>>AUTHOR<<<)
-- Version: $Id: (>>>FILE<<<),v 0.0 (>>>VC_DATE<<<) (>>>LOGIN_NAME<<<) Exp $
-- Keywords: (>>>1<<<)
-- Status: not intended to be distributed yet

<article class="whitepaper" status="DRAFT" lang="EN" ID="(>>>FILE_RAW<<<)"
         vendor="Teledynamics Communications Inc">
(>>>2<<<)  <artheader>


    <pubdate role="cvs">$Date$</pubdate>
      <holder role="">Teledynamics
      Communications Inc</holder> 
        <imagedata fileref="(>>>logo<<<).eps" 
                           format="eps" align="center">
        <imagedata fileref="(>>>logo<<<).gif" 
                           format="gif" align="center">
      <para>Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify
      this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation
      License, Version 1.1 or any later version published by the Free
      Software Foundation.  A copy of the license is
      included in <xref linkend="fdl">.</para>

        <!-- Template Navigation:

              C-x C-x:DTD Header
              C-x j 1:comments 2:artheader 3:sect1 4:abstract





(>>>3<<<)  <sect1 id="prelude">


<!-- The Entities listed below include SGML files for the Free Document -->
<!-- License and for the bibliography; you can define as many as you -->
<!-- wish, for example, to place each chapter in its own file -->

Local Variables:
sgml-doctype:("(>>>FILE<<<)" "article" "chapter")
sgml-insert-missing-element-comment: nil
sgml-indent-step: 2
("title" "Document Title: ")
("subtitle" "Subtitle:")
("XREF" "Catalog XREF Label:")
("firstname" "Author Firstname:")
("othername" "Author Middlename:")
("surname" "Author Surname:")
("email" "Email:")
("jobtitle" "Job Title:")
("orgname" "Org Name:")
("street" "Street:")
("city" "City:")
("state" "State:")
("country" "Country:")
("logo" "Root name of logo graphic:")


Comments are welcome; as Don Knuth said "I have only proven it
correct.  I haven't actually tried it"

Gary Lawrence Murphy <garym@linux.ca>: office voice/fax: 01 519 4222723
TCI - Business Innovations through Open Source : http://www.teledyn.com
Canadian Co-ordinators for Bynari International : http://ca.bynari.net/
Free Internet for a Free O/S? - http://www.teledyn.com/products/FreeWWW/


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