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Re: Feedback

On Wed, 5 Apr 2000, The Blue Lynx Webmaster wrote:

> Is there a downloadable piece of information for the absolute beginner
> in Linux..

Lots of them :).

Someone I know has been quite happy getting info from www.LinuxNewbie.org.

One of your best sources of info is from a local Linux Users Group. We
have several people on the list from the Netherlands, but I don't remember
if any are specifically in Den Haag.

Check lugww.counter.li.org for local user groups.

> I am thinking of switching to linux for our main OS but do not know enough..

None of us ever do :).

> a book, a whitepaper, anything,......

I also suggest "Linux A-Z" from some British dude. Gave out my last copy
and I'm waiting for more to come in, so I don't have it to look at :(.

There is, of course, lots of really good material in the LDP,
www.LinuxDoc.org, but it can be a bit overwhelming for someone starting

Please take further questions to mailing lists for users groups or
something more appropriate as this list is intended to be for discussing
the LDP and creating further Linux documentation :).


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