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Reducing off-topic posts to ldp-discuss

Due to a suggestion by Godoy and seconded by David Lawyer (myself),
Greg Ferguson modified the "LDP Mailing List Information" pages to
clearly explain that our mailing list is only for "the discussion of
issues related to the Linux Documentation Project".  This should help
a little in reducing off-topic posts.

I've sometimes asked people with off-topic posts (not the spam posts)
why they posted to our site.  Only one has responded so far and she
said that she thought it was OK after she looked at our site.  So we
should now get less off-topic posts like this.  The site that has a
link to HOWTOs titled "Howtos & support" still hasn't changed the name
of the link.

So in my opinion we should not be answering non-LDP questions on this
list (unless the person who asks the question tells us how s/he found
out about us and has a good excuse).

                        David Lawyer

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