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Re: The LInux Kernel Guide

Federico Lucifredi wrote:
> Guys,
>     I allocating some time this month and the next to work on a HOWTO, but
> from mid-my I would have the time and will to take over the review/remaking
> of the Kernel Guide.
>     An overly long description of me,myself and I is on my webpage (see
> below).

There used to be a kernel documentation project. I saw the announcement
once and later I noticed the lists were rather dead. I am not sure where
the list is kept these days but a search should locate them. A post there
might be productive and also save potential double work.

Note that much in file:///usr/src/linux/Documentation is somewhat
oput of date, especially pointers to current project pages.

Also check

   Stein Gjoen

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