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Re: Writing howtos not under Linux (Was Editors for SGML)

"Gabriele.V" wrote:
> Now the point:
> I have searched for a tool that allow me to use a different OS and
> application (tipically Word under Windows) to produce an SGML HOWTO.

> * XEmacs is ...
> * Lyx is ...
> * M$ has an addon called SGML Author for Word ...
> * Omnimark Technologies have a software RTF2XML ...

I'm told Framemaker with SGML supports the DocBook DTD. I have
not tried this, but I have used Frame and found it a really
excellent package.

> In definitive: why we have in sgmltools the ability to convert sgml to rtf
> and not in the opposite way ?

SGML tags structure rather than format. Interpreting a structure to
produce a formatted document, e.g. going from SGML to RTF or PostScript,
is easy. Deducing the structure from the document layout is much harder.

I'm not certain but my impression is that RTF is basically an encoding
of layout detail with little or no structure. If that is correct, then
you are asking for something that is nearly impossible.

I'd be interested in hearing how well the Omnimark tool does at this.

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