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Re: PDF output on http://www.linuxdoc.org/

>>>>> "Greg Ferguson" <gferg@hoop.timonium.sgi.com> writes:

>> Can someone tell me what is the tool used to generate these PDF files ?

> - Create a singular ("nochunk"'ed) HTML version:
> - Use htmldoc to create PDF/PostScript:

So, at least last month, I found that this produced a somewhat klunky
PDF file - especially when compared to LaTeX output.  There were all
sorts of typographic nicities missing, among other things.

I found that better results were possible by using pdflatex on a
slightly mangled interim latex source file generated with sgmltools.
If we were to use the various latex packages intended for use in
pdftex, we could more intelligently generate navigation features,
giving us the best of both worlds.  This (or especially a
`jadepdftex') would also keep us more in the mainline of free software
DocBook development, so to speak; deviating wildly from common
infrastructure is what got us stuck with Linuxdoc in the first

Alternatively, the Ghostscript 6.x ps2pdf script is reputed to do a
much better job than the one in 5.x.  It's not clear what support
there is for navigation features, though; I think it only does
thumbnails unless you get clever.

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