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Re: CD edition

>>>>> "M" == Martin WHEELER <mwheeler@startext.co.uk> writes:

    M> On 23 Apr 2000, Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:
    >> MCP is willing to commit some people-hours to going through LDP
    >> docs and doing basic editorial work (clean up the grammar,
    >> spell-check, adjust for consistent indexing, non-techie stuff
    >> like that)

    M> "basic" ?

These are non-technical people with language degrees and experience
in publishing.

    M> And in which languages ?  (Or do we just assume that LDP docs
    M> are written in one language only ?

I imagine MCP can muster people for support in many languages, but
I expect the Ohio office is primarily concerned with English.  If we
give them a list of docs which happens to include the European language
editions in need of review, I won't be surprised if they take it in
stride. Asian languages may be more problematic.

    M> I'm really pleased that someone is willing to do this -- but do
    M> they genuinely understand the full scale of it all?

Yes, but they are also looking at doing this on a volunteer basis
from editor slacktimes, ie, they are about as committed to schedules
as the rest of us ;)

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